Logistics Support

Logistics Support

Your right hand to experiment your business

Apparently, excellence lies in details. So, we are keen to be by your side, provide all our expertise, ideas, and capabilities to support your activities at all stages to enhance your corporate reputation and improve your impact and visibility as well as improve the efficiency of your business and stimulate the ability to overcome challenges.

Based on the experience of our team of specialists, development consultant, communication, management, public relations, content creators and technicians, we will provide everything necessity to enable our clients to have their tools that qualify to achieve aspirations and success of tasks and keep them always in the spotlight and leadership.

Organizing and managing press conferences and forums

Information support on events, conferences, and participation

Consulting market studies and opinion trends

Communication consultancy for xxecutives

Consultancy communicating with expert houses

Protocol consultancy

Digital data transformation and archiving

Professional Consulting, Personal Development, apparition, presentation and public speaking arts

Digital Communication

Digital Communication

Welcome to the future

Certainly, "digital communication" is no longer a luxury, rather, it is an imperative that requires keeping up with and taking advantage of its technologies and prospects in a way that supports the movement of change, development of facilities, and maintains its permanent communication with its audience.

At Madarat, we are keen to make the best investment in the “future of connectivity” to support the needs of our customers by adopting latest technologies and digital approaches that enhance the presence of our customers through digital platforms and the Internet, to ensure the development of content, creative production, and efficient data management, and to answer the questions: when, where and how does it appear? To achieve maximum interaction with the audience.

Visual Content Innovation

Pictorial videos production

Produce innovative digital content for social media

Purifying Internet content from negative and false data

Monitor and correct rumors, opinions and negative information circulating

Set up photo and video libraries

Paid digital and social content

Digital platforms and applications development

Website content development

Digital bulletins and magazines production

Media Relations

Media Relations

The open doors: a skill that only those with confidence can perfect

It is generally admitted that the media plays a prominent role in expressing the identity of companies and maintain its positive reputation.

We, in turn, as a professional body which has a close relation with various media outlet, seek to build bridges of close and long – term partnership between these means and our customers to meet their aspirations to stimulate their presence, support their identity and brand, and consolidate their positive image for the target audience.

Media and press coverage

Organize television, radio, and press interviews

Organize Media events, and participations

Managing and organizing press conferences, media tours, and round table meetings

Conducting studies and surveys of the media community regarding the facility

Journalistic monitoring, performance analysis and media presence across the press, media, and social media

Media content analysis, and opinion trends

Camera handling programs for senior executives, media training for employees, and qualification of spokespersons

Content Creation

Content Creation

The word is the beginner and the closing hold

The "Word" in all its forms: readable, audible and visual, is our beloved craft that receives the utmost care from us to turn into an accomplished "storyteller".

Here, we embark on our work to formulate your voice to reach your audience in the appropriate tone and content, expressing your message accurately and smoothly through convincing content stemming from the local culture with its rich contents and diversity of colors based on strategic criteria to establish a distinctive discourse that enjoys interaction by the recipient and is attractive and proficient in reaching the mind of the other party. Simply, because our expert team knows how, what, when and to whom say.

We are perfectly proficient as our team of specialists, experts, and inspiring content writers: how, why, what, for whom and when to “say”, and because our tongue fully expresses who you want to be!

Media and press materials

News, Analytical Reports, Press Interviews, TV Interviews, Opinion Articles, News Stories, Pictorial content, and TV Reports.

Marketing Content

Creative contexts for advertisements, scripts for documentary films, radio and tuning advertisements, brochures, and flyers, editing of identity directories, logos, formals, and titles.

Corporate literature, reports, and brochures

Annual and quarterly reports, performance reports, profiles, biographies, speeches and letters of executives, fact, and figure documents.

Internal Communication

Notes, Betters, and Messages, Media appearance policies and procedures guide, Editorial guide for internal correspondence, Brochures, Magazines, and Internal Podcasts.

Specialized and professional technical translations, localization, and proofreading

Digital Content

Website Content, Social Platform Content, Phone & Emails, E-Newsletters & Magazines, Smart App Content, Motion & Infographic Content.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

Every solid reputation has a comprehensive plan in place

We work hard to create strategic concepts and solutions that help our clients focus on their success and overcome obstacles, establishing a strong base for effective communication that helps create a respectable reputation, a desirable identity, a language that is essential for engagement with the target audience, and persuasive messaging.

Whatever your sector of activity is, we put forward solutions and ideas that will have the greatest impact in bringing about the desired positive change and stimulating prosperity and the degree of competitiveness of the establishment.

Media and awareness campaigns

Internal and external communication strategies

Crisis Management Consultancy

Reputation Building and Management Consultancy

Social Responsibility Consultancy

Departments of Transformation Consulting, Corporate Communication Development, and Identity Renewal

Financial Communication Consultancy for Acquisitions, M&As and Initial Offerings