Beginnings for all and steadfastness to the honest

Our Story


At the end of the second millennium, specifically in 1999, the expertise of a promising elite of competencies and experts in the field of media, marketing consulting and strategies, business and public relations collaborated to launch the journey of providing public relations services and media consultancy under the name of “Masem Public Relations”. It is one of the first Saudi institutions concerned with practicing this activity and enjoying audacity to enter the competition arena through its vision based on the integration of a deep understanding of the local culture, and mastery of the latest international professional standards and tools.


With the beginning of 2016, and as part of its development plans, the organization renewed its identity in a new beginning entitled “Madarat Gulf Public Relations”, which continues to grow and build successful partnerships with its customers from various business sectors.

Today, ‘Gulf Orbits’ operates through its headquarters from the heart of Saudi Arabia, forging strategic partnerships and alliances with expertise in Amman, London, Dubai, and Cairo.