Media Relations

The open doors: a skill that only those with confidence can perfect

It is generally admitted that the media plays a prominent role in expressing the identity of companies and maintain its positive reputation.

We, in turn, as a professional body which has a close relation with various media outlet, seek to build bridges of close and long – term partnership between these means and our customers to meet their aspirations to stimulate their presence, support their identity and brand, and consolidate their positive image for the target audience.

Media and press coverage

Organize television, radio, and press interviews

Organize Media events, and participations

Managing and organizing press conferences, media tours, and round table meetings

Conducting studies and surveys of the media community regarding the facility

Journalistic monitoring, performance analysis and media presence across the press, media, and social media

Media content analysis, and opinion trends

Camera handling programs for senior executives, media training for employees, and qualification of spokespersons